Munchies-Stoner-FoodWe are living in a world where marijuana is widely spread and accepted as a harmless recreational drug. It is often stated by the users and even scientists that marijuana leaves no negative effects on the users. But does that mean that there are no effects at all? Did you ever consider that the reason you are eating so much lately can be linked with your recent marijuana use?

Yes, it’s a known fact that besides making everything around you look so funny, marijuana can also open up your appetite in no time. Most of the people who ever tried marijuana experienced that strange feeling when food becomes your top priority in life and you just can’t stop eating. You keep on checking your refrigerator without freezer to find your favourite snack. That phenomenon is known as the munchies and it baffled the scientists (and just regular “potheads” thinking about all kind of stuff) for years, mainly because they couldn’t explain the science behind it.

high_satisfaction_08Yale University neurobiologist, Tamas Horvath, shared with the public that he had discovered why and how marijuana affects your eating habits. With a group of his colleagues, Horvath discovered that cannabis is basically tricking your brain into believing that your are hungry, even when you are absolutely not. During the experiments they discovered that all those neurons usually responsible for stopping the hunger, under the influence of THC found in marijuana, started promoting hunger even when the subjects were completely full. In press release related to the experiments, Horvath compared that situation with one in which you are hitting a break pedal and instead of stopping your car is starting to accelerate.

According to the science, if you smoke some marijuana immediately after your lunch chances are that your are going to feel hungry again. Another reason for it may be hidden behind the fact that cannabis is also responsible for making food to smell and taste more intense, which is also discovery made by Horvath and his colleagues. So that yesterday leftovers waiting for you in a small upright freezer would probably taste so much better if you smoke some marijuana first.

Although the results and conclusions are yet to be proven right on human subject (they were done on mice), numerous studies of similar nature and results have been conducted before. So if you are interested in using marijuana keep in mind that although there are no explicitly negative effects on human body and brain attached to it, there are certainly those that can affect some of your important habits.


Health-Insurance-and-the-Health-Care-SystemThere are many conditions in which the elderly need extra special care. Sometimes, there is nobody in the family to take care of them during or after recovery from an illness. In many cases, existing family members may simply be stressed out or find it too difficult to take care of their sick parents while managing the stresses of a life and job at the same time. This is where home care in Massachusetts for the elderly can be such a blessing for the entire family. The senior patient themselves can be happy that they are getting the professional help they need to really make them better, while the other family members can relax and be more emotionally supportive of their sick relatives.

It’s a win-win situation for everybody.

What Kind of Illnesses Can You Find Help For? 

There are many offerings for the elderly from a professional home care services Massachusetts provider. You might need the help of a good dietician or physical therapist after recovering from mobility related accidents or injuries, such as slipping on ice or falling down stairs. In many situations, you may need in-home nursing because you are recovering from a stroke or a heart attack. In some cases social workers are needed as well to assess the home situation and make recommendations on how to improve it.

Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care

82-45531Spec_assistance_health_assist_in_ flight_600x260In situations where Alzheimer’s disease, a condition that affects the brain and can impair memory partially and completely, takes over someone’s life, it may be impossible for the family to take care of them effectively. They will simply not be receiving the professional help they need to have a balanced life in the circumstances. That’s why it is imperative that you seek out the services of a health aide service in Massachusetts if you find yourself in this situation.

Patients suffering from these conditions will need to be taken care of very intensively on a 24-hour basis on a round-the-year basis as their behavior can be unpredictable and dangerous to themselves and those around them. It is in your best interests to find the professional help needed to take care of your relatives.

What Kind of Team Should You Be Looking For? 

Right from the start, you should be looking for a company who can help you the best. They should be a team of capable individuals from multiple medical and related disciplines, who do frequent in-depth assignments to enhance the care provided and they provide ongoing daily communication between the patients, family members and the health care providers.


WRP Logo-fullcolor on white with shadowWorkforce Recruitment Program is an agency that focuses on recruiting and referring ambitious students and graduates with a disability to interested employers. During the recruitment, the candidates undertake an interview to prove their competence and express their interests. As usual, a first-time interview is quite a challenge because most people feel anxious and tense. Well, let us have a look at 5 things to do to prepare you for your WRP interview.

Believe in Yourself

The first step is to acknowledge the fact that the position you are eying is yours, and you have all it takes to be the best candidate. Building your confidence will give you a relaxed feeling and more so the power to fully express your interest in the position.

Portrait of a happy young female using a laptop

Work on Your Resume and Cover Letter

Once you believe that you are worth the position, go ahead and include every little detail of your academic qualification, affiliation, work experience, relevant skills and your hobbies and interests. Your CV’s length should be by your work experience. In the cover letter, try to express yourself precisely and let the work flow naturally. The recruiters should be able to get a snapshot of whom you are, your interests and qualification for the position by going through the cover letter. Finally, the resume and the cover letter should be well organized, simple and reflective of your actual qualifications and experience.

Understand WRP

The question that an interview panel will always ask you is to state your knowledge of their organization briefly. Therefore, take the time to go through the WRP, understand their mission statement, organizational values as well as the offered services. You can get the details at their website. Additionally, find out how they conduct their interviews. If they set a brief examination for their candidates, then you will have to prepare for that exam.

6670Get School Assistance

The majority of schools prioritize students with disabilities thus they do everything to get you that one chance. Therefore, schedule an appointment with the heads of Career Department and the Disability Department and express your interests. Then ask for their assistance which can include you getting a recommendation letter or them intervening for your case by establishing a formal relationship with WRP. Additionally, the career department can take you through the rehearsal to further boost your confidence for the big day.

Build your Image

Dear friend, first impression matters, and people will judge you by how they see you. Your primary goal is to impress the panel, and it starts with your physical appearance. Start dreaming of the big day even one week ahead. What will you wear? What time will you report for the interview and what tone will you use during the interview? Find all ways to stand out of the crowd.


Students and teachers alike start each academic year with high hopes of greater achievements and success. However, before the end of the year, a critical problem undermines their goals, chronic absenteeism. A student is regarded as chronically absent if they miss ten percent of the total annual official school days. Chronic absenteeism is particularly common for students living with disabilities.

Chronic absenteeism costs students with disabilities or rather students abled differently an enormous opportunity in education. First, they fall behind in their classes. Teachers continue teaching to cover the stipulated syllabus irrespective of whoever is absent or present. Secondly, they find themselves disconnected from their classmates as well as their teachers. The constant absenteeism weakens the old friendship bond they had created. In doing so, students with disabilities find it difficult to consult with their classmates or teachers in case they have problems in certain areas of classroom assignments. Consequently, the chances of failing their final exams increases. Constant failure in exams makes some of them to give up their education and finally drop out of school entirely.

Health concerns majorly cause the absenteeism of the students with the disability. The majority of them miss school to attend medical checkups and treatments. However, others miss school due to inappropriate educational placement, school aversion, bullying among others. Issues such as bullying and inappropriate educational placements affect them psychologically, which is reflected in poor performance.
Fortunately, chronic absenteeism can be solved through a social partnership amongst families, communities and schools. After identifying the critical issues contributing to chronic absenteeism, it is easier to find appropriate solutions. First, every student with the disability should be accorded the correct educational placement. Proper learning equipment, tools, and teaching staff is a perfect solution for inappropriate educational placements. Qualified instructors should be employed to provide efficient services to the students. As a society, we should create a conducive environment both at home and in school, for the students to learn efficiently

Students found bullying any of them should be duly punished. The best way to eradicate chronic absenteeism is to create an environment where the students feel wanted. Acknowledging them for attendance creates a feeling of appreciation. The instructors should track the attendance of each student. The result should be analyzed to find if there are any improvements in attendance in the previous academic years. Psychological counseling is also crucial .They should be encouraged to accept and appreciate themselves unconditionally.