guns-467710_1280The gun business is indeed, a booming one more so, here in the United States and this can be attributed to the fact that U.S actually leads the pack in regards to per capita civilian gun ownership. To break it down for you, there are 89 guns per 100 Americans. That doesn’t shock you?
Well, below are some intriguing facts about the gun business, I bet you didn’t know.

The Gun Business – Down to the Numbers:

Did you know that the gun and ammunition manufacturing industry generates annual revenue of more than $13.5 billion, with 1.5 billion in profits? Well, not only this, gun and ammunition stores generated $3.1 billion dollars in revenue the previous year alone – $486 million dollars in profits.

These are quite staggering numbers that go to project just how the gun industry is a colossal business in the United States. Numbers don’t lie. Approximately 10,847,792 guns were manufactured – last year alone. To put this in perspective, only 4% of these guns were exported.

gun-615237_1280To sum it up, there are an estimated 310 million guns in the country and this is just the conservative figure. More than 263,000 people are directly employed in the firearms industry and on a full-time basis.

Now that you have a clue on just how big the gun business is, the next thing is to find out which is the most popular gun.

The Glock 19:

The Glock 19 is not only the most popular gun in the U.S, but also the most popular model in the Glock series. The 19s are preferred for their distinct ability to combine the portability of a pocket gun, with the strength of a larger gun. In short, it is a compact handgun, but not a pocket gun per se. So much is said about the Glock 19 and most gun enthusiasts will tell you that it is a capable, reliable and accurate pistol by all means.

gun-449783_1280However, they will also tell you that just like all Glock weapons, the sights are nothing to write home about. For starters, they are made of plastic, which makes them almost impossible to use in the dark. Fortunately, you are allowed to upgrade to the best Glock sights for optimal functionality.

All said, the best Glock sights can be easily sourced from your local gun and ammunition stores. The Glock sights come in handy in numerous ways. For instance, using the best Glock sights will significantly enhance your accuracy levels besides improving functionality in the dark.

The Gun business is growing by the day thanks to a number of factors such as the increase in gun and ammunition stores especially in large states such as Florida, and laws. Ina conclusion, you don’t have to misuse your weapon just because you own one.


Nature-and-sunshine-feeling-very-happy-girlIf you have a lifelong habit of thinking negatively, training yourself to think in positive terms may be one of the greatest challenges you ever face. One reason it’s so easy to choose negativity over positivity is that positivity can be scary. Although a pessimistic outlook can harm your physical and mental health, a negative state of mind may be more comfortable than challenging yourself to think optimistically. You may be afraid that if you think positively, you’ll risk being disappointed if you don’t succeed at a project, get the perfect job or find the ideal relationship. The key is to train yourself view your entire life, not just your successes or achievements, in a positive light. Then you’ll be equally capable of coping with failure and success. Try these five tips to turn your negative thoughts into positive ones.

1. Be aware of negative self-talk and make a focused effort to change it. Negative thoughts can engrain themselves in your consciousness like the lyrics from an annoying pop song. You may have become so accustomed to these internal recordings that you no longer notice thoughts like “I can’t do anything right.” Negative thought patterns can damage your relationships as well as your self-esteem. Thoughts like “she’s going to dump me like every other woman I’ve dated,” may become self-fulfilling prophecies. Spend a week writing down your negative thought patterns in a journal. Think of positive variations of these messages, like “I’m a generous and hard-working person” or “she always supports my goals.” When you catch your mind playing a negative message, stop the recording and replace it with a positive variation.

list-for-living.2-1xswisr2. Keep a positivity list to remind yourself of things that make your life fulfilling. Simple items like “adequate food” and “a roof over my head” are a great place to start. When you start your positivity project, you may have only one or two items on your list. As you get used to thinking positively, you can add more items, like “supportive friends,” “a healthy body,” or “a steady income.” Use your list to remind yourself of your growing ability to view your life in an optimistic light.
3. Practice guided imagery at the start of the day or before you take on a challenging task. You might be surprised at how often you visualize something negative happening, only to have your vision turn into reality. Turn this habit around by deliberately visualizing yourself having a rewarding work day, enjoying a social event or launching a new project.

4. View failure as a creative opportunity. Many people who think negatively view their lives from an all-or-nothing perspective. If you see yourself as either a complete success or a total failure, you’re likely to be disappointed. Failure is not only a natural part of life; it’s an essential by-product of creative production. Many brilliant works of art or ingenious scientific discoveries came about by accident when the creator failed to accomplish his or her original goal.

5. Instead of making a to-do list in the morning, make a list of everything you accomplished during the day before you go to bed. Long to-do lists are the perfect setup for negativity and frustration. Try reversing this process by recording your accomplishments at night and rewarding yourself with positive, self-affirming thoughts.

Thinking positively won’t happen overnight, but like any other habit, you’ll improve with practice. Positivity is like a muscle that needs to be strengthened so that you can overcome the pain of negativity. Although you may not achieve instant success or dazzling financial wealth by thinking positively, you can look forward to a richer, more fulfilling life.


Munchies-Stoner-FoodWe are living in a world where marijuana is widely spread and accepted as a harmless recreational drug. It is often stated by the users and even scientists that marijuana leaves no negative effects on the users. But does that mean that there are no effects at all? Did you ever consider that the reason you are eating so much lately can be linked with your recent marijuana use?

Yes, it’s a known fact that besides making everything around you look so funny, marijuana can also open up your appetite in no time. Most of the people who ever tried marijuana experienced that strange feeling when food becomes your top priority in life and you just can’t stop eating. You keep on checking your refrigerator without freezer to find your favourite snack. That phenomenon is known as the munchies and it baffled the scientists (and just regular “potheads” thinking about all kind of stuff) for years, mainly because they couldn’t explain the science behind it.

high_satisfaction_08Yale University neurobiologist, Tamas Horvath, shared with the public that he had discovered why and how marijuana affects your eating habits. With a group of his colleagues, Horvath discovered that cannabis is basically tricking your brain into believing that your are hungry, even when you are absolutely not. During the experiments they discovered that all those neurons usually responsible for stopping the hunger, under the influence of THC found in marijuana, started promoting hunger even when the subjects were completely full. In press release related to the experiments, Horvath compared that situation with one in which you are hitting a break pedal and instead of stopping your car is starting to accelerate.

According to the science, if you smoke some marijuana immediately after your lunch chances are that your are going to feel hungry again. Another reason for it may be hidden behind the fact that cannabis is also responsible for making food to smell and taste more intense, which is also discovery made by Horvath and his colleagues. So that yesterday leftovers waiting for you in a small upright freezer would probably taste so much better if you smoke some marijuana first.

Although the results and conclusions are yet to be proven right on human subject (they were done on mice), numerous studies of similar nature and results have been conducted before. So if you are interested in using marijuana keep in mind that although there are no explicitly negative effects on human body and brain attached to it, there are certainly those that can affect some of your important habits.


Health-Insurance-and-the-Health-Care-SystemThere are many conditions in which the elderly need extra special care. Sometimes, there is nobody in the family to take care of them during or after recovery from an illness. In many cases, existing family members may simply be stressed out or find it too difficult to take care of their sick parents while managing the stresses of a life and job at the same time. This is where home care in Massachusetts for the elderly can be such a blessing for the entire family. The senior patient themselves can be happy that they are getting the professional help they need to really make them better, while the other family members can relax and be more emotionally supportive of their sick relatives.

It’s a win-win situation for everybody.

What Kind of Illnesses Can You Find Help For? 

There are many offerings for the elderly from a professional home care services Massachusetts provider. You might need the help of a good dietician or physical therapist after recovering from mobility related accidents or injuries, such as slipping on ice or falling down stairs. In many situations, you may need in-home nursing because you are recovering from a stroke or a heart attack. In some cases social workers are needed as well to assess the home situation and make recommendations on how to improve it.

Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care

82-45531Spec_assistance_health_assist_in_ flight_600x260In situations where Alzheimer’s disease, a condition that affects the brain and can impair memory partially and completely, takes over someone’s life, it may be impossible for the family to take care of them effectively. They will simply not be receiving the professional help they need to have a balanced life in the circumstances. That’s why it is imperative that you seek out the services of a health aide service in Massachusetts if you find yourself in this situation.

Patients suffering from these conditions will need to be taken care of very intensively on a 24-hour basis on a round-the-year basis as their behavior can be unpredictable and dangerous to themselves and those around them. It is in your best interests to find the professional help needed to take care of your relatives.

What Kind of Team Should You Be Looking For? 

Right from the start, you should be looking for a company who can help you the best. They should be a team of capable individuals from multiple medical and related disciplines, who do frequent in-depth assignments to enhance the care provided and they provide ongoing daily communication between the patients, family members and the health care providers.